Hoshi & Maharukh Katki are both very warm, friendly, helpful and supporting couple who tenders to any and all requirements for food . They have a whole bunch of finer meals from snacks to starters or be it lunch and dinner selection – they have heavily customizable options matching their quality and quantity which has a great value for what you pay.
We were celebrating our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary with a gathering of 50+ people - for which other than booking the hall by us - everything rest was managed by them excellently - starting from Drinks, to Starters to delicious mouth watering food (Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian) and not forgetting the dessert too.
Their friendly presence, their food, their services, was thoroughly enjoyed by all the people present and just had praises heaps and bounds for them. They did an excellent job making our occasion a memorable one for which we shall always be indebted and thankful to them.
We wish them all the very best and success and I am confident that they will go way beyond and win the hearts of millions.  -  Jesmine Pesuna

Hi Maharukh,
I have been forgetting to write or call you, to say a big thank for the Pulao, Dal and cutlet. Could you please put the following comments on your webpage from Medhoras:
My friends who were visiting me from India had an urge to eat Parsi Puloa & Dal. I could only think of Hoshang Katki, and ordered it along with their mouthwatering chicken cutlets. They were very satisfied and thought they were eating the authentic Puloa and Dal that is served during weddings and navjotes in India. Thanks Katkis.

During my recent national diploma of ambulance practice course we were treated to your companies cooking. There was an amazing variety of food and there was something different each time we came to class. There was also plenty of food to go around. The food was of high quality and really tasty.

Kind Regards

Benjamin ConderI Logistics Officer,
St John Northern Region

Greetings from Stamford Plaza Auckland and just wanted to mention that Chef Hoshi curries are definitely one of the best I’ve tried and the staff definitely appreciate his cooking!
Marija Gecan | Director of Sales
Stamford Plaza Auckland