• Butter Chicken
(Tender pieces of roasted chicken cooked in creamy tomato sauce)

• Chicken Korma
(Chicken pieces cooked in cashew sauce and spiced and flavoured with cardamom)

• Chicken Saag
(Chicken cooked in fine spinach puree and lightly spiced)

• Chicken Tikka Masala
(Chicken cooked in spicy sauce with green pepper)

• Chicken Jalfrezi
(Chicken cooked in medium spicy sour sauce with bell peppers and tomatoes)

• Chicken Vindaloo
(Chicken cooked in hot vindaloo spicy sauce straight from Goa)

• Chicken Masala
(Chicken pieces made with Traditional Indian spices)

• Chicken with Potato straws (Sali Marghi)
(Sweet and sour chicken served with potato straws)

• Chicken with Apricots (Jardaloo Marghi)
(Chicken with Apricots in light gravy)

• Dilkhush Chicken
(Chicken delight served with green peas, potato wedges and sprinkled with boiled eggs)

• Moghlai Chicken
(Delicacy chicken cooked with flavoured spices & herbs)

• Chicken with Mushrooms in White wine OR Red Wine sauce.
(Continental style chicken cooked in white wine and sauted mushrooms)

• Bhuna Chicken
(Chicken marinated with curds and garnished with coriander)

• Bhatiya Chicken
(Chicken marinated with spices and served with fried potatoes)


• Lamb Saag Ghosh
(Lamb cooked with spinach puree in a mild spiced sauce)

• Lamb Masala
(Pieces of Lamb cooked with on ion and spices)

• Lamb Nawabi
(Lamb cooked in creamy sauce and garnished with boiled eggs)

• Lamb Bhuna
(Pieces of Lamb enriched with thick sauce)

• Rogan Josh
(Tender pieces of Lamb curry cooked with aromatic spices from North India)

• Lamb Korma
(Lamb pieces cooked in cashew gravy)

• Lamb Madras
(Coconut flavoured sauce and midly spiced lamb gravy)

• Lamb Vindaloo
(Hot Vindaloo spicy sauce with lamb pieces straight from Goa)

• Sweet & Sour Boneless lamb pieces (Sali Boti)
(Light tomato gravy cooked with boneless lamb pieces)

• Apricots served with Lamb (Jardaloo Boti)
(Apricots with Potato wedges flavoured with lamb pieces)

• Aleti Paleti – Traditional Parsee dish
(Tender pieces of Kidney, heart and Liver sauted with traditional Parsee spices)

• Mutton Baffat
(Savoury Mutton garnished with potatoes and boiled eggs)


• Goan Fish Curry
(Fillets of fish cooked in lightly spiced coconut flavoured sauce)

• Fish Masala
(Fish fillets cooked in spices and lemon flavoured sauce)

• Prawn Vindaloo
(prawns Cooked in spicy medium or hot Vindaloo sauce)

• Butter Prawns
(Shelled Prawns cooked in special creamy tomato flavoured sauce)


• Mixed Vegetables
(Selection of seasonal mixed vegetables cooked in Traditional flavoured sauce)

• Vegetable Korma
(Selection of seasonal mixed vegetables cooked in mixed nut sauce)

• Aloo Gobi
(Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in exotic sauce with tomatoes)

• Aloo Mattar
(Peas and potatoes cooked in smooth onion and a tangy sauce)

• Palak Paneer
(Puree of spinach cooked with cubes of cottage cheese and lightly spiced)

• Dhal
(Mixed beans cooked and garnished with coriander and ginger slices)

• Mattar Paneer
(Cubes of cottage cheese and peas cooked in specially prepared Indian spices)

• All curries are mild, medium or hot as per your taste
• We also undertake group bookings, party orders, Potlucks, Wedding reception, private functions all with prior arrangements.


• Deccan Biryani (Hyderabadi) with Dal or Raita
(Lamb / Chicken with rice cooked with aromatic spices)

• Moghlai Biryani with Dal or Raita
(Basmati Rice cooked with spices)

• Prawns Biryani with Dal or Raita
(Basmati Rice cooked with Prawns – spiced as per your taste)

• Vegetable Pulao with Dal or Raita
(Basmati Rice cooked with mixed seasonal vegetables.)

• Mutton Kofta Curry served with Rice
(Lamb mince koftas dipped with curry sauce)

• Parsi Curry Rice
(Lamb/chicken/fish cooked with Traditional Parsee spices)

• Dhansak
(Chicken / Lamb cooked with lentils served with fried Brown Rice

• Kesri Pulao
(Chicken / Lamb simmered with aromatic Basmatic rice)

• Dhan Dal Patio – Parsee Style
(Steamed Rice served with Yellow Lentils and savoury fish sauce)

• Ribbon Rice
(Steamed Rice with layers of Chutney, Prawns, mince)

• Spanish Rice

ENTREE (Non-Veg)

• Chicken Tandoori / Drums
(Chicken Marinated in tandoori spices with yoghurt and roasted)

• Chicken Tikka
(Chicken Marinated and roasted with tandoori spices)

• Sheekh Kababs
(Lightly spiced lamb minced shaped in Kababs and roasted)

• Boti Kababs
(Marinated boneless Lamb/ Prime beef with Indian spices)

• Mutton Cocktail Samosa / Vegetable Cocktail Samosa
(Spiced minced mutton / mixed vegetable covered in triangle shape puff pastry and deep fried)

• Chicken Tangri Kabab (Afghani)
(Marinated Chicken Drums and roasted)

• Chicken Farcha (Parsee style)
(Chicken pieces marinated with Parsee spices and deep fried)

Mutton Potato Pattice / Prawn Potato Pattice / Chutney Egg Pot Pattice
(Sweet & sour mince / prawn covered with mashed potato topping and deep fried)

• Chicken and Cheese Croquettes
(Shredded chicken and cheese with continental spices – deep fried)

• Tandoori Prawns
(Raw Prawn Cutlets marinated in Indian spices served on skewers or seperately)

• Fish Amritsari
(Fillets of fish marinated with traditional spices)

• Chicken / Mutton / Tuna Kababs (Parsee style)
(Any meat marinated in Parsee spices and deep fried)

• Vegetable Spring Rolls
(Pastry stuffed vegetables deep fried)

• Russian Salad
(Fresh vegetables diced along with boiled eggs and mixed with Mayonnaise)

• Mixed Platter of Sandwiches

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